Ramblers on a walk round loch Drunkie, near Callander

Ramblers on a walk round Loch Drunkie, near Callander

This section provides a range of pages, full of advice to help you enjoy walking and ensure that you do so mindful of your safety and the safety of the rest of the group.

There is a page that provides basic advice about suitable types of clothing for different weather conditions that you may meet whilst walking.

Other page covers the range of equipment that you might need, some of it to make walking easier and dome to make it safer.

Finally, there is a page explaining the grading system for our walks and a ready reckoner for contributions to the driver when you get a lift to and from a walk.

These pages are only the starting point. You will find more advice and guidance in some of the websites listed in the links page, including, of course, the wide range of material in the main Ramblers Association website.