There are some guidelines that you should note and follow when out walking with the Group.
Some of these relate to your safety and that of others in the Group. Most of these are in the section on Safety below.
Other guidelines are about getting the most from the walk and ensuring that others do the same. Some are concerned with protecting the environment and wildlife when we are out walking.

  1. Route, length and duration of the walk
    The Leader of a walk may change the walk because of adverse weather, bad ground conditions or for other reasons.
  2. Leaving a walk
    Members of a walk must inform the leader and receive the leader’s consent before leaving a walk.
  3. Insurance
    Although every effort is made to ensure the safety of parties, it is pointed out that persons coming on walks do so entirely at their own risk.
    The Rambler’s Association has public insurance liability cover for all walks led under the auspicies of one of the Association’s Groups. Details of that policy can be found in the Insurance section of the Ramblers Association website. A pdf version of the information is in the Downloads Section of this website. Please note that neither the Group nor the Walk Leader can accept liability for any accident which may occur on any Group Walk. Personal Accident Insurance for Ramblers and Mountaineers is available from: Mountaineering Council of Scotland at
  4. Dogs
    No dogs are allowed on Group walks.