Walk grading and car sharing costs

These are the walk gradings used in the programme of walks.

A+ Walks Very strenuous. For experienced and very fit walkers only. Exposed routes with steep ascents/descents. Total ascent over 1100m, combined with distances over 25km/16 miles. Long stretches over very high ground may be included.
A Walks Strenuous. Good fitness is required. Total ascent between 800-1100m with a distance between 15-25km/10-16 miles. Includes walking on rough ground and steep ascents/descents. Typical single Munro walks.
B+ Walks Moderate to strenuous. A walk with one feature at a higher level, eg the ascent or the length than that of a standard B walk.
B Walks Moderate. Total ascent between 400-800m with a distance between 12-15km/8-10 miles. Moderate amount of pathless rough ground.
C+ Walks Easy to moderate. More demanding than a typical C walk, usually due to a short steep climb, some rough ground or a level but longer walk.
C Walks Easy. Walks on paths and tracks with good surfaces and on minor roads. Flat or with gentle gradients and a total ascent of less than 100m.
SHW SHW stands for Slow Hill Walk. Emphasis is on a slow pace, but which can be sustained throughout the climb, from the very beginning of the walk. This is to enable walkers who are slower, perhaps not confident in taking part in A walks, to reach summits of Munros or other prominent tops.

Car Sharing Mileage Costs

If a walk is arranged and public transport cannot be used, we recommended that Car Sharing is used whenever possible. Although transport to and from walks cannot be guaranteed there are usually sufficient cars to accommodate everyone.

Those receiving lifts are expected to make a voluntary contribution towards the costs. A cost of 8 pence per passenger per mile has been recommended and the Walk Leaders will calculate the total mileage used for the journey and advise walkers. Car owners should check that this does not infringe the conditions of their car insurance.

On days when car transport is used, it is up to the driver of each car to decide, in consultation with his/her passengers, what they do about a meal or drinks after the walk. It is recommended that this is sorted out before leaving Milngavie in order to avoid confusion at the end.